InnStar is a high-end real estate development company which specializes in acquiring, developing and managing real estate properties throughout Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our core business is the development of commercial and residential real estate, as well as providing consultation services to, and developing structures for the industrial sector. Our aim is to long-term sustainable value for our investors by using the best resources available, and adhering to Bangladeshi property and land ownership laws.
Our core principles are hard work, due diligence, uprightness, and professionalism. We strive to be a leader in the high-end real estate market through our high levels of market knowledge, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), customer service, and most importantly – our avant-garde real estate projects. By merging our creativity with that of our clients, we aim to develop the most original, elegant properties in Bangladesh.


- We pledge for excellence, integrity and the creation of value for all the stakeholders.
- We pledge for excellence, integrity and the creation of value for all the stakeholders.
- We will establish a knowledge-empowerment policy which will allow customers to approach us and gather knowledge on the historic, current, and predicted future real estate market and all other information regarding real estate development, thus empowering our customers with knowledge first.
- We promise to delight our customers by delivering commercial and residential complexes in time and of quality and design that is unique.
- We are going to establish a work environment where the safety of all employees is assured at all times.
- We will be selective and purposeful when evaluating or deciding on new business opportunities.
- We are well aware of and perfectly capable to manage the risks that may arise during the different stages of the real estate life cycle.


InnStar is geared toward creating a benchmark in the real estate sector of Bangladesh through hard work, quality that far exceeds the expected standards and value that can only be measured in international standards.

InnStar aims to:

- Create a dynamic organization that meets international standards in reliability, ethics and transparency.
- Standardize a working environment that will have its pillars set in professionalism, competence, teamwork and excellent customer service.
- Develop projects conforming to international standards with designs that will push the boundaries of what we have come to expect from the industry at present.
- Develop projects that are cost effective to the end user by using modern technologies, materials, and methods.


Our Understanding

Sufficient shelter is one of the three basic components that a human being is entitled to. For numerous reasons such as financial insolvency, natural disasters, and social barriers, many people in Bangladesh are homeless. This means they are exposed to harsh winters and summers, rain, disease, unsanitary conditions, and little or no family nurturing.

Our Pledge

After having analyzed the situation, it is InnStar's pledge to build eco friendly homes in rural Bangladesh, where people with a family of three or more are entitled to receive one free house. The house will contain: - Walls and Roof, to insulate winters, summers, and rain. - Two active windows, to ensure cross ventilation. - Separate toilet, making sure indoor hygiene conditions are appropriate. - Living Space.
Design creates culture.
Culture shapes values.
Values determine the future  
- Robert L. Peters