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Feature & amenities

Serene is a themed residence in the diplomatic enclave of Baridhara. This project is designed to create a wholesome living. From its landscaped entrance to luxuriously proportioned rooms, residents can rest assured that we have thought of everything in their private units.

This project was handed over in 2016.


The high ceiling of the lobby of Serene ensures your mind to expand and enjoy the vastness. The ceiling is designed so dramatically that you would feel like entering a realm of tranquility.
All the rooms are designed with an open plan, which entails a feeling of calmness and relaxation. The floors of the living room have flowing marble and wood trim finish that will engage anyone. Consisting of a wet kitchen and dry kitchen, it allows residents to a lot of flexibly and control over their lifestyle. 


Anyone living here will be entitled to feel that they are in their personal sanctuary. As each unit is on one floor, residents feel complete privacy. Our post-occupancy feedback results have exceeded the expectations of clients.


Plot : 9, Road : 4, Baridhara