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Feature & amenities

The Tree House is a concept project that retains its beautiful character true to its name. This property is surrounded by trees planted over four decades ago. This project is home to InnStar’s head office amongst other reputable organizations. The civil structure safety of the building has been vetted by BUET in a separate audit completed in 2015 post-completion. Rigid standards are maintained to ensure safety and security for residents.

This project was handed over in 2014.


Designed by Architect Mustafa Khalid Palash, this iconic building is a testament towards premium contemporary commercial building. Upholding the tree house theme, the building is surrounded with aged green space and the building finishing and furnishing compliments it. Residents co share and enjoy the rooftop facilities for small workshops and functions. From every floor there are unrestricted views overlooking the Banani field and North Gulshan. 


The grand air-conditioned lobby welcomes all residents and visitors. The open office spaces on the upper levels are customizable which enables each organization to model their own space based on their HR requirement. The building has an integrated VRF system, which allows all maintenance to be done from a central point, therefore not intrusive for day to day operations.  


Plot : 50, Road : 23, Banani