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Feature & amenities

Located in the sought-after neighborhood of Banani, Road 11, M & S House is our second commercial project in Road 11. This project epitomizes the uniqueness of the contemporary and high-paced business arena of modern Bangladesh. To establish a permanent brand identity for your business, M&S House is enabled with top-of-the-line facilities and years of craftsmanship experience of InnStar. This project is pre-certified LEED Gold, in accordance with InnStar’s goals to reduce the carbon footprint and be environmentally conscious.


One unit per floor, open customizable spaces will allow any office to reinvent their space with a breath of fresh air. Large glass windows will allow natural light and plenty of other interior facilities to ensure that any office will have a high level of functionality.


Starting from the architectural consultant, we have spared no cost in making this stand out on Banani’s road 11. Owners and tenants alike will enjoy the long-term value and sustainable quality.



Plot: 2, Road: 11, Block: H, Banani