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Feature & amenities

Trinity is the state made of three. The number three is magical. It is considered a sacred number in almost all ancient cultures and even most modern religions. It connotes imagination, inspiration, and unification. Also, in nature, we see an abundance of stable patterns expressed in three. ‘Three’ enables us psychologically, physically, and spiritually. Time is divided into three: past, present, and future. Trinity respects the energy of the number three to hold the time continuum within it.
It is grand and gallant and gorgeous.


Nimble and exquisite, high above the average- the interior will be at poetic level.


Located in the silent most corner of Gulshan 2, this property is open on three sides. You’ll never ever get such a piece of exclusive property in the prime, prestigious location of the tri-state area of Dhaka.


Plot : 9, Road : 67, Gulshan 2