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Feature & amenities

Located in one of the most sought-after urban cultural and commercial centers of the city, Dhanmondi, Khelaghor is a commercial project by InnStar. The only one of its kind in the area, InnStar is committed to reducing the carbon footprint and creating an environmentally conscious atmosphere.
We want to create a project where your business will thrive with the pace of the global environment. Khelaghor symbolizes the playground you need to bring out the business creativity you have developed over the years and are now ready to prove to the world.



Each floor consists of 3,300 Sft of customizable open plan. With one unit per floor, offices are entitled to plenty of privacy. The ground and first three floors consist of commercially viable space for retail that will be very exclusive and designed to be integrated with the rest of the building.


With a premium clientele, this project will be the only building with heightened ambiance in the neighborhood. Located next to financial institutions, restaurants, and other key commercial sites, Khelaghor will be a sanctuary in a heavily urban environment. There is no second choice that is more worthwhile.


Plot: New-70 (old-770), Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi.